Aug 9, 2016

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ONE LIFE ONE MANTRA – 7. Crossing the Samsara to the Pure Land (Vượt luân hồi vào Tịnh độ)

ONE LIFE ONE MANTRA – 7. Crossing the Samsara to the Pure Land Thanks to his peerless power of prayer, the Mani mantra of Aryia Avalokiteshvara benefits countless number of sentient beings in six realms. Hearing, reciting and contemplating the meaning of the six syllables of Om Mani Padme Hum bring in inconceivable benefits. However, each practitioner should know how to practice the six syllable mantra to gain best development of his inner power according to his own ability and circumstance. Like many other spiritual performances, the practice of mantra goes from easy to hard level, from simple to sophisticated. Nevertheless, practitioners, at any level, will be able to develop the spiritual power of mantra if they concentrate on the recitation. All performances of body, speech and mind to utter the Mani mantra regularly is called “to contemplate the mantra” (the verb “contemplate” indicates the act of “hold, keep or

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