Aug 24, 2017

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Letter from India: A FEW THOUGHTS ABOUT LIGHTS (Đôi dòng cảm niệm về ánh sáng)

Letter from India: A FEW THOUGHTS ABOUT LIGHTS (Đôi dòng cảm niệm về ánh sáng) Dear Guru. After reading your article I thought of light. I would like to express my thoughts by writing few lines on it. Please forgive me if I am went wrong somewhere. Thank you so much. When I was born as a human beings, I am lucky to have the eight freedom and ten advantages. I have eyes to see everything around me. I especially pay attention to the lights which help me to see things and human beings’ face. I think that lights are very important for people to see and observe things and all phenomena surrounding. Our earth has time zones. Similarly we have days and nights. When we think of day we immediately remember sunlight. And nights make us remember of moon, even moon reflects light of sun in nights. The sunlight spreads over the earth and helps all beings from plants, animals and human beings warm

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