Nov 10, 2013

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It was a sunny afternoon on 7thNovember, 2013. Cảm nhận “gia đình” trong tôi“Family” feeling. While peacefully having a relax time with “Dad and Mom” in an airy and beautifully decorated café shop, I took a glance at the cover page of a newspaper that my “Dad” was reading. May some of my friends who know me well have a doubt about this hot issue, they may wonder where I could find a dad so fast to form a family union in the café shop that afternoon. It is just a charming way to describe the loved and beloved relationship between my Guru, his wife and I. Bumping into the three of us, most people gave their thought that we were a happy family including a Dad, a Mom and their daughter, though some of them may think themselves why the daughter does not inherit any heaven traits of her

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