Apr 8, 2013

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That was short time that I didn’t write any article in website. The main reason was the laziness and tired after finish my working. Again the attachment make me more busy in the normal life. But after reading more article of Guru on website that make me more motivation to write and I feel so regret for anyone who meet Guru and received the best method to practice the Dharma but they didn’t enough  belief to overcome the obstacle. Clearly, the society have lot of attachment and pleasant , we still look for the better pleasant , the joyful life  and chase for them. Attachment and ignorance produce many misconception in your life. How? For example, we often think, “ This is good, this make me happy” but if we investigate a little further we’ll find that such thoughts are misconceptions , that the thing we think make us happy actually cause suffering .Another example :when you have the with salary 4million, we will want and try our best with the salary 10million , we’ll think I  will happy with that, and I will go travel, buy the more beautiful clothes, the delicious food… and we continue to chase until the end of the life.

Mật Kính – Mật Lan (Helena) – Mật Viễn xem trang web chanhtuduy.com

Since we were born we’ve wasted practically every moment of every day, month and year. Instead of making our time worthwhile and using it to bring happiness, we’ve engaged in only useless action and used our precious life for nothing. At the time, we’ve thought that we’ve been doing is useful but if we check we’ll see that it really has not been. We fell that it’s worthwhile to seek something beyond mere material but if we don’t seek with the right attitude we’re still going to circle in samara. Of course , material thing give you some level of comfort, but if you spend all your life working only for them, when you die and end up with nothing. Have you ever thought when you so too old and too late to practice Dharma. Therefore, every second, every minute so precious… Every second,very minute pass away we nearly come to death, and we need to practice Dharma right now…

Mật Kính – Mật Lan (Helena) trong một lần hạnh ngộ tại Phan Thiết

There’s a story about the great Tibetan yogi Dromtonpa meeting an old man who are trying to practice Dharma. The old man was circumnutating a temple thinking he was practicing Dharma but the great yogi Dromtonpa said to him “ Your going around the temple is good but wouldn’t it be better if you practiced Dharma?”The old man thought by practicing Dharma the yogi must mean reading the Dharma text, so he stopped going around the temple and instead stared reading texts. When Dromtonpa saw him next he said “ Reading texts is good but wouldn’t it be better if you practiced Dharma “So the old man thought if circumambulating and reading texts aren’t practicing Dharma, the yogi must mean he should meditate and started doing that. When , after some time, Dromtonpa saw him sitting cross- legged he said “ Meditation is very good but wouldn’t it be better if you practiced Dharma”At this point the old man was somewhat confused and irritated and exclaimed to Dromtonpa “ Practice Dharma, Practice Dharma what do you mean ‘,“ renounce this life” the yogi replied.

Mật Kính – Mật Viễn tại Phan Thiết 2013

What did you great yogi Dromtonpa mean by “ renounce this life”. He meant we should renounce suffering which mean renouncing the worst of all suffering , the delusion – ignorance, attachment, anger, pride, jealousy and so forth- all the negative minds that are the roots of all suffering . So we need face the root of suffering and cut it. But how can we cut the root of suffering? That we need the Guru who will be instruct you the short way to attain the enlightenment and cut the root of suffering. But when you listen your Guru’ teaching about impermanent, death, emptiness and you so decide to practice to Dharma, and you’ll think : I will try my best, and make the all the effortless even run away, and go the forest  to meditate , stay alone and practice the Dharma and you will feel so precious when having the human body. But when you go back in the normal life, working and earn money and again your mind will be attachment with the pleasant and the joyful life , you will easily forget your Guru’s teaching. Your mind so heavy and lot burden again. Therefore, it’s so important when you connect with Guru, very second, every minute you should think about Dharma, Sangha, Guru and you mind will be protected .Or you can stay near the Dharma’s friend , they will help you to avoid the heavy karma. At the end, I bless all of you overcome all the obstacle and refuge the three jewels: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha and especially Guru is the representative for three jewels./.

  1. admin says:

    Oh! welcome come back!

  2. Mật Phổ says:

    Mật Kính viết hay quá! Ông viết thêm nữa nhé!

  3. matthuy says:

    Many many people misunderstand about practicing Dharma. It’s obviously, because they don’t have Guru. It’s not easy to understand the meaning of the enlightener’s speech. So that’s why the Guru’s words are more important than the sutra.
    Thanks Matkinh for this article, which gives us the reflection for practicing Dharma more and more regularly, just by the easy way that our Guru taught us!

  4. admin says:

    I was attached the images. If Matkinh feel bad your post I would removed vậy!

  5. matkinh says:
    Thanks, admin, the pic so nice, and i will try my best to wire more article.
  6. Mat Hai says:
    Oh, this’s good.
    Thanks Mat Kinh a lot. Your article is useful for everybody. It reminds me of Dharma and Guru’s teaches. It motivate me to practice Dharma and reduce attachment in my life.

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