Apr 13, 2017

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HOW TO AVOID 14 GRIEVOUS FAILURES? (Làm gì để tránh 14 thất bại trầm trọng? – Đôi điều tâm huyết)

Contemplation on “Fourteen Grievous Failures of a Buddhist Practitioner” Lesson 18. HOW TO AVOID 14 GRIEVOUS FAILURES? The fourteen grievous failures pointed out by Gampopa give us lessons on the Eight Fold Paths, Six Paramitas and Three Factors of Enlightenment. Firstly, failures numbered 1, 2,7,8 refer to wrong view; 3,4 to right livelihood; 5,6,12,13 to right mindfulness; 6,11 to right thought; 9,10 to right effort; and 14 to right concentration. Besides, he also warned over the performance of six perfections that unexpectedly going far from the ultimate goal of Bodhicitta. Failures numbered 7,8 refer to Dana-paramita (Generosity); 9 to Kshanti-paramita (Patience); 2,4 to Sila-paramita (Precept); 6,11,13 to Virya-paramita (Diligence); 12 to Dhyana-paramita (Meditation); and the rest to Prajna-paramita (Wisdom) which is based on Sammaditthi or Right view. Regarding the Three Factors of Enlightenment, wrong perception on Prajna is pointed out at failure No.14 while the rest revolves around Renunciation and

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