Nov 6, 2017

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Buddhist Catechism – Part 7: PRECEPTS (Giới luật)

Buddhism Q&A – Part 7 PRECEPTS  01/ Many people feel worried that they cannot keep / observe the percepts, so they only want to take refuge in Triratna without getting the percepts even five precepts to liberation. Is their worry right? – No.  The people who have no precepts to break called the heterodox (just like a person who has no money but still spending, eventually suffering misery from getting into debts).  The people who have precepts to break called Buddhist Practitioners (Just like a person who has money to spend) – Keeping/Observing precepts is for the benefit of sentient beings that results to merit accumulation. In case of unfortunately breaking precepts, that will only affect a little bit on few of sentient beings. Thus, worry too much about the breaking of precepts is unnecessary. – Keeping/Observing one precept will have 5 guardians / Dharma protectors follow. If unfortunately breaking

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