Aug 17, 2018

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WHY DO WE CALL HIM “THE BUDDHA”? (Vì sao gọi là đức Phật)

WHY DO WE CALL HIM “THE BUDDHA”? (Vì sao gọi là đức Phật) WHY DO WE CALL HIM “THE BUDDHA”? One day while visiting a pagoda, my daughter asked me: “Dad, our family is Buddhist, right?” I nodded without hesitation. Then she pointed at a blissful statue of the Buddha in the sanctum: “Why do we call him ‘the Buddha’ instead of ‘God’, ‘Saint Tran’, or ‘Confucius’…?” Baffled, I answered, “Because the Buddha founded Buddhism, Confucius founded Confucianism, Jesus Christ founded Christianity…” “But besides the different names of belief systems, does the title means anything else?” – asked my daughter, unsatisfied with the answer. By then, I understood that this question could not be simply answered but rather required a deeper level of analysis. It surprised me for touching on the essence of the Dharma and addressing an epistemology that is needed to be proved. We came to and sat down under the bodhi tree. Beautiful white clouds were floating across the blue

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