Oct 17, 2018

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CHANGE … CHANGE … AND … CHANGE (Thay đổi … thay đổi … và … thay đổi)

Revered Gurujee Om Mani Padme Hum I bow my head to the lotus feet of the Guru Today I woke up a little bit late in the morning, only because I was not in Biharsharif. I have adjusted at Biharsharif, as for last 45 year I am living in the same house, in the same room and adjusted their as if it is part and parcel of my life.  That is why whenever I shift my place my routine gets disturbed. Though it is not good symptom but it happens with me. The reason is simple. Even after studying Buddhism I could not developed UpayaKaushalya taught by the Buddha. With the changing time, situation place and role I cannot adjust in a natural way to the changing role, situation and environment, though it is again a fact that with the changing time and need I had to adopt different types

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