Mar 1, 2018

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The conference in Lunar New Year 2018: IT IS STRANGE!? (Lạ quá!?)

The conference in Lunar New Year 2018: IT IS STRANGE!? (Lạ quá!?)  IT IS STRANGE!? I concentrate counting these loaves of bread as I count gold cause It seems only one bread shop in whole Ba Ria city. The seller ask me: -Do you buy it for temple? I surprise: -Why do you ask like that? He answers: -Cause I saw you wear the Buddhist robe. in elegant, gracefull vietnam traditional costume ao dai I look at my clothes and see it’s same color as temple robe but the style is different I wonder: If I wore ao dai, would you think I am Buddhist? He replies: No, cause Buddhist wears temple uniform, not ao dai. I give him a smile while I pay and leave   On the way back, I keep wondering why the world can trust easily, they always trust the book by its cover. Anyone wears zen buddhist robe can be buddhist. Anyone wears monk robe, shaved head,

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