Aug 5, 2016

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The Consciousness’s mask (Mặt nạ tâm thức)

The Consciousness’s mask (Mặt nạ tâm thức) THE CONSCIOUSNESS’S MASK Recalling in mid- August 2005, there was an art exhibition that was shocking to many artists in HCM : “The masks were viewed as if seen through the photographers’s eyes”. Nearly one hundred of masks were on display and took the viewer into the word of these strange symbols. Howerer, their meaning  imbued that of  life’s philosophy, reflecting all aspects of human life in society. Photographer Nguyen L, who made this exhibition, bring these new nuances to the art of photography in HCMC. Seeing the masks on the walls, my daughter was surpried and interested. She tugged my hand and  asked “What  do people  wear these masks “, “ To play characters in  opera “. I answered hesitantly , I didn’t want to go too deeply into the different aspects with many complicated details. But this question was still obsess me… In fact, not only  on the

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