Jul 9, 2017

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DEPENDENT ORIGINATION OF ILLNESS (Bệnh duyên) Dependent Origination of Illness No one is able to escape the illness, much or less, at this age or at other the age. Grandparents often say “eat vegetables when you are hungry, take medicine when you are painful”. The problem is how to find the source of the disease to cure. Definitely,  illness is suffering, so the Buddha called it one of the eight sufferings of the world:birth, aging, illness, dying; distress from what is not desirable, getting what you don’t want,Not being able to hold onto what is desirable, etc. It’s should be known that human existence is made by 4 elements: earth-element, water-element, fire-element, air-element. If an element does not regulate, 101 diseases will happen, but if four elements do not regulate, 404 diseases will arise. For example the earth-element does not regulate, body get heavy; the water-element does not regulate, body get oedematous; fire-element does not regulate, body get heat; air-element does not

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