Jul 9, 2017




Dependent Origination of Illness

No one is able to escape the illness, much or less, at this age or at other the age. Grandparents often say “eat vegetables when you are hungry, take medicine when you are painful”. The problem is how to find the source of the disease to cure.

tudieude1_155186670Definitely,  illness is suffering, so the Buddha called it one of the eight sufferings of the world:birthagingillnessdying; distress from what is not desirable, getting what you don’t want,Not being able to hold onto what is desirable, etc. It’s should be known that human existence is made by 4 elements: earth-element, water-element, fire-element, air-element. If an element does not regulate, 101 diseases will happen, but if four elements do not regulate, 404 diseases will arise. For example the earth-element does not regulate, body get heavy; the water-element does not regulate, body get oedematous; fire-element does not regulate, body get heat; air-element does not regulate, body get unstable. Feeling hundred joints painful so legs and arms do not move as you want, being seated and standing up need others’ help. Mouth’s dry, tongue’s suffocated, nose’s clogged; eyes are not able to see, ears are not able to hear, filthiness comes out, and then lying down on it! Mentally miserable, voice sounds woeful. Relatives come to take care days and nights without taking break; although good, precious, delicious and smell good foods are brought to mouth will turn into bitter taste.

Only a few words wrote in “Illness treatment” scripture talking about sufferings of illness could make us feel chilly. I think those people who had heavy illness may experience such feelings.

At that time, even if the money is full, the housekeeper is crowded, there are lots of concubines, it will become meaningless. Strangely, when I am healthy, pessimistic thoughts never appear. When you know that when people are weak, the metal health gets worse, the negative psychology comes, tormenting us, exhausting us even faster than illness itself.

Chánh tư duy

From the past, Buddha mentioned 10 sources cause human’s illness, three items belong to mind: anxiety, anger, self-indulgent. Because of anxiety, anger has born. From there, suffering overlaps suffering. These are the immanent causes of physical illness. In the current age, this situation is even more emphasized. It can’t help to be in anxiety when people today are fiercely divided by money, fame, sensual desire?

Lotus Flower Estrade at Song Nguyen Tantra House

At the age when the level of science and technology is extremely modern, the more superabundent material we have, the more civilized comfort living we experience, the more complicated and subtle those diseases are progressing, and it leads to grievous effects. Diseases such as “stress”, “vestibular disorders”, “depression”, “excessive nervous tension”, “paranoia”, and “homoerotic” are all derived from these causes. From here, it leads to the catastrophic events: collective suicide, suicide, taking meditation in naked situation, homosexual marriage, Miss Transsexual Contest, etc. Not long ago, Korean people got shock to hear that Choi Jin Sil, a famous 40-year-old female celebrity actor had suiacide. Before previous months, on August 9th, 2008, an actor 36-year-old Ahn Jae Hwan also suicided. One year before that, an actress 27-year-old Jung Da Bin killed herself in the morning on February 10, 2007. Young talented singer Unee suicide on January 19, 2007. Young actor Lee Eun Joo passed away with a poison dose in December 2004. This is a tragedy in the  Kimchi land, and in China, people do not forget the death of suicide from the high floor of famous film actor Tran Quang Vinh in 2006. All of them had gone forever in the shinning stage of career path, but the mental illnesses without any drop of blood from outside view, in fact took their lives easily. From this point, we can see that the mental illness are morre dangerous than the body illnesses.

Song Nguyen Tantra House at night

Ridiculously, when people bleed or get injuries in hands, legs or abdomen, people rush to run to the hospital. But the disease of the mind, meaning hysterical thoughts, not much people could notice. This is not hard to understand! Very few people willingly face with own mind, with their “ego”, so they have no idea about its thoughts to deal with. In contrast, people with mental illness (this number must be immeasurable) try to find audiovisual entertainments, digital entertainment to satisfy their five senses. Humans are in the Realm of Sensual desire, so sensual desire must be the strongest. Online pornographic movies are becoming popular with people, especially young people. According to statistics date, in China two thirds of Internet young users have Internet access, while in Japan, pornographic movies and magazines are easily found everywhere. A film called “Japan Anything available” records that every month in the country of sakura produced about 10,000 sex films (not including the four remaining 4 desires, what are money, fame, food and sleep). At that time, they became lazy, loose, that is one more source of metal illness. It is nice when I understand lively semantic meaning of Sino-Vietnamese word: illness (in Vietnamese, this word consists of 2 words “ill” and “tribulation”). When there is disease, there is a tribulation, it’s inevitable!

Although the Buddha described the horrendous sufferings, but he does not go in the direction of negative pessimism. As the Buddha could see suffering of illness so he retired for finding an enlightenment path, didn’t he? In the  “Luan Bao Vuong Tam Muoi” scripture, the Buddha taugh: “In our life, do not beg for living without illness, because no illness desire of greed will easily arise”. Thanks to illnesses, people are aware of the importance of health, do not dare to be on the loose with bad behaviors. This principle has long become one of the “Ten Mindfulnesses” of the Buddhist Learners, Buddhist practitioners.

Through the lens of Buddhism, illness weakens our body, but for those who understand the Dharma, this is an opportunity of self-introspection, contemplating the impermanence in order to diligently practice Dharma. Indeed when we go to hospital, we could see the impermanence of human life, sometimes a few Ambulance cars carry patients into the morgue. When Lama Chagdud Tulku was lecturing on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, he said that the experience of hell is not far, it’s at the hospital where the victims suffer all kinds of sufferings. Quach Hue Chan, a cancer specialist at a major hospital in Taiwan, has witnessed many kind of cancer as well as patients’ tragic situations. According to her, it is an opportunity for her to clearly see the path of Karma operating under the law of cause and effect. Since then she has written the song “Songs on the Ganges river”, implying that when we get sick, people should take it as an opportunity to think about law of cause and effect. She was also a victim of cancer, and thanks to this dependent origination of illness, Taiwanese territory had a Phap Su Dao Chung. The Buddha does not use the word “illness”, “sickness”, that called “Dependent origination of illness” is for this reason. Disease is an opportunity, a catalyst for the “spiritual” chemical reaction to occur in a positive way in the present and in the future.


I would like to end this post with the verse of the Buddha:

No illness, it is the most beneficial

Being aware of enough, it’s the richest

Anger is the most harmful

Nirvana is the happiest

May those who are sick could see it as a good chance to think about the Dharma!


Translated by Mat Thai Duong

Original Vietnamese version: BỆNH DUYÊN

Korean version: BỆNH DUYÊN 연(緣)병

Chinese version: 病緣 (BỆNH DUYÊN)

  1. Dear Holy Guru,

    I am delighted to read your article “dependent origination of illness”. You analysed clearly the causes of illness, which mostly from the mind of anxiety, anger and self- indulgence.

    In modern life, the power of money, fame, name makes people more desireable. The more desireable they are, the more anxieous they get. As a result, they are suffering from illness. The attachment on the eight worldly winds makes it possible for them to increase the anxiety and anger, resulting in the illness in this Saha world.

    Obviously, no one wants to suffer from illness, but no one can hardly free from illness. Birth, aging, illness and death are the natural circle of life. Everyone in samsara follows such a circle of life without exception.

    As your teaching, keep the mind balanced is the effective way to avoid from the bad illness. The mind in balanced state does not arise the thought of anger, anxiety, which minimizes the risk of dangerous illness. In addition, when illness happens, with the balanced mind, we are not worried much about it. It is also the good chance for us to contemplate on impermanence, the precious human body and we are diligent to practice dharma.

    It is clear that we have a human body, we depend on the four elements: land, water, wind, fire. Soon or less, we will get illness. There is a saying “prevention is better than cure”. We know the main causes of illness from our mind. We should make our mind healthy, then our life will be healthy. Of course, the best way is to practice Tibetan yoga – the yoga of mind purification. And the core of Tibetan Yoga is the Guru devotion, which purifies our mind and our bad karma.

    When our spiritual life is healthy, the mental life is then healthy and as a result, the physical life must be healthy. Tibetan yoga allows us to get such a healthy life. I will bear in mind the teaching of the Lord Buddha:

    “No illness, it is the most beneficial

    Being aware of enough, it is the richest

    Anger is the most harmful

    Nirvana is the happiness.”

    I am thankful for your precious teaching. I am pround of being one of your disciples.

    May you and your consort have a good health and live long for the sake of all sentient beings.

    I also rejoice in the good deeds of Mat Thai Duong, who has translated your article into English.

    May Mat Thai Duong achieve the legitimate wishes and be at ease on the path to enlightenment.

    May all sentient beings free from suffering and its causes.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  2. Tantra Mikaya says:

    Dear holy guru. Thank you very much for your wonderful article. I understand it as follows. The truth of suffering. Life is experienced as suffering. We are sick. This is what Buddha has recognized after long study. Like a doctor, after a thorough self-examination, he had diagnosed the disease, described his symptoms, and developed a plan of healing that served us all and relieved us of suffering. Now what was his diagnosis. We get sick of our mind. The four noble truths are the key. These 4 noble truths are not just a description of the disease for us, it is also the 4 steps to their treatment. Step 1 is to recognize what is the disease. Step 2 is the question how does the disease develop? Step 3 Is there a cure for the disease? And step 4 is then the provision of a medicine. Buddha teaches us that we can free ourselves from suffering and lead a happy life. We have to live at the present moment it can only be at this moment. And we miss the moment when we constantly steer our mind away from it. Through mindfulness and daily meditation, we can soothe, train and strengthen our minds. For with a quiet mind we study our body, our feelings, the contents of our mind and the spirit itself. It is a medicine that we give ourselves, which strengthens us and makes us happy. May all beings be free from suffering and find strength and expression in the Dharma. May all creatures be healthy and happy. May our guru and have a long full life in perfect health. Om Mani Padme Hum

  3. Mô Phật!

    Mật thúy rất hoan hỉ với thiện hạnh dịch bài viết của vị Thầy sang tiếng Anh của huynh Mật Thái Dương cầu nguyện cho huynh luôn tin tấn thực hành pháp để được tha lực hô trì cầu mong tất cả chúng sanh luôn có duyên lành biết đến chánh pháp OM ah hùm

  4. Dear holy Guru!

    I am delighted with your article.
    As a human being, no one is not sick. However, for Buddhist practitioners, taking a disease is an opportunity for us to practice Dharma, likewise it is the catalyst for the “spiritual” chemical reaction to occur in a positive way at present and in the future. The Buddha taught: “No illness, it is the most beneficial ” but how to minimize sickness or avoid from sickness in the future?
    I think that Dharma  practice is the best. I am elated by Mat Thai Dương’s translation.
    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha ‘s nature. Om Ah Hum!

  5.  Tantra Mahavita says:

    Dear Guru : Thank you very much for this excellent article. The origen dependent on the disease .Most diseases have their origin in mind. We are in samsara so inevitably we cannot avoid origin aging ,sickness and death Keeping in balanced mind is the most effective way to avoid the disease. It is also an oportunity to comtemplate impermanence and this precious human life and be diligent in the practice of Dharma.We must have a healthy mind , then our life will be healthy .Devotion to Guru pirifies our mind and our bad karma.Healthy spiritual life, healthy mental life ,healthy phisical life.The lord Budhha in this teaching said: There is sickness it is the most beneficial.Beinf aware of enough is the richest anger is the most damaging .Nirvana is happiness Depp gratitude for this precious teaching .We all sentient being will be happy and couses .The Guru have healthy and a long life for benefit all sentient beings .OM MANI PADME HUM

    • Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con xin phép dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Mahavita sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      “Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con chân thành cảm tạ ơn Thầy vì Thầy đã cho con đọc được bài viết sâu sắc và ý nghĩa của Thầy với tiêu đề Bệnh duyên. 

      Con hiểu rằng đa số thân bệnh của con người xuất phát từ tâm bệnh. Chúng con đang sống trong luân hồi lục đạo, nên chắc chắn chúng con không nằm ngoài quy luật tự nhiên của sinh, lão, bệnh, tử. Do vậy, giữ tâm quân bình là cách tốt nhất để đối trị với thân bệnh. Khi mắc bệnh là cơ hội giúp chúng con quán niệm về vô thường và thấy rõ hơn thân người quý hiếm để tinh tấn hành pháp. Khi tâm chúng con “khỏe” thì chúng con sẽ được khỏe mạnh. 
      Con hiểu rằng sùng kính vị Thầy sẽ giúp chúng con chuyển hóa tâm và tiêu trừ nghiệp chướng. Khi đó, chúng con sẽ có đời sống tâm linh khỏe mạnh, đời sống tinh thần tốt đẹp và có được thể chất mạnh khỏe.

      Đức Phật đã dạy rằng: 

      “Không bệnh lợi nhất

      Biết đủ giàu nhất

      Sân hận hại nhất

      Niết bàn vui nhất.”

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy vì những lời chỉ dạy quý báu của Thầy trong bài viết này.

      Con cầu nguyện cho sức khỏe và sự trường thọ của Thầy vì sự lợi lạc của chúng sanh.

      Cầu nguyện tất cả chúng sanh thành tựu hạnh phúc của Phật tánh.

      Om Mani Padme Hum.”

  6. Dear holy Guru

    I am full of happiness over your article.

    After reading your article. I understand that

    ” No illness, it is the most beneficial

    Being aware of enough, it’s the richest

    Anger is the most harmful

    Nirvana is the happiest”.

    We can see that the mental illness are more dangerous than the body illnesses. When we get sick, people should take it as an opportunity to clearly think the path of Karma operating under the law of cause and effect. Thanks to illnesses, people are aware of the importance of health, do not dare to be on the loose with bad behaviors. Illness weakens our body, but for those who understand the Dharma, this is an opportunity of self-introspection, contemplating the impermanence in order to diligently practice Dharma.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your teaching.

    I am elated by Mat Thai Duong’s translation. Her interpretation holds up the Guru’s teachings and thrives all over the world for the sake of all sentient beings.

    May you and your consort live long for the sake of all sentient beings.

    May Mat Thai Duong achieve all wishes due to her diligent cultivation.

    May all beings achieve the happiness of Buddhahood.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  7. Steve Rogers says:

    Dear Holy Guru

    you have given me this teaching to help through my own problems. You have reminsded me that when my own mental issues become unbalanced the Dharma, my practice and meditation are the only cures.

    When I use these it gives me a chance to balance my thoughts and focus on the present for the benefit of all sentient beings.

    My work is both my opportunity to do this in a very clear sence but also one of the unbalancing features, the Three Jewels are the balancing aspect that keeps me on the right path

    Thank you for your words and your love

    May the holy Guru have good health and live long for the benefit of all sentient beings. May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha ‘s nature.

    for your consideration Holy Guru

    Om mani padme hum

    • Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con xin phép dịch comment của bạn đọc Steve Rogers sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      “Kính bạch Thầy tâm linh tôn quý!

      Lời dạy của Thầy giúp con giải tỏa những vấn đề của riêng con. Thầy giúp con hiểu rằng khi con gặp những vấn đề về tinh thần và khi tâm con chao đảo thì chỉ có cách thực hành pháp, thiền định có thể giúp tâm con được cân bằng.

      Khi con thực hành pháp, con có cơ hội giữ tâm quân bình và trân quý giờ phút hiện tại, làm lợi cho mình và hữu tình.

      Công việc của con vừa tạo cho con cơ hội thực hành pháp nhưng cũng làm cho tâm con mất quân bình. Khi tâm con mất cân bằng là cơ hội cho con hướng về Tam Bảo và giúp con suy ngẫm về giáo Pháp.

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy vì những lời dạy quý báu và bồ đề tâm của Thầy dành cho con.

      Con thành tâm cầu nguyện cho sức khỏe và sự trường thọ của Thầy vì sự lợi lạc của chúng sanh.

      Cầu nguyện tất cả chúng sanh thành tựu hạnh phúc của Phật tánh.

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã để tâm đến con.

      Om Mani Padme Hum.”

  8. Salvatore Antonio Fois says:

    Venerable Guru;

    My name is Tantra Siramitra.

    Interesting article, your hollynes yes ellines come with out worneng sometimes, it’s like death it con come anytime!

    Also rowng behaviour of this generation easy sex, drougs, alcohol,lesiness, non rispect to oldaly people specially in Europe, and the US it’s very bad specially when Yung people the refuse to work and the turned to be beggars for alcohol, and drougs it’s very sad life all this makes my heart cray, but this is the situation I blame the politicians for all this we are ready to help those the are ready to lessen.



  9. Jennifer says:
    My Dear Holy Guru,

    This article touches my heart. I have BIPOLAR and Anxiety. I understand how angry these can make you. I used to be angry and  sometimes struggle with anger when I am feeling bad, BUT I have learned to appreciate my illness. See, if it were not for my bad times I would not appreciate the calm and nice times nearly as much as I do now. I appreciate everything. I love life, I love all beings, I see beauty in all I see. AND when I feel low, I try to remember these things. They help. I try to avoid anger because it is a downward spiral but if I appreciate how much I appreciate the things of life then I can feel freedom from the diseases even though they are life long. I have often thought of suicide as mentioned in the article but now I don’t think like that any more. Now when I’m low I try to appreciate the lessons the illnesses teach me. Thank you for this article. I truly appreciate it and I appreciate you shedding light on this subject. May you be well and healthy for your sake and the sake of all sentient beings. Thank you again.

  10. Sonam Tshering says:
    Dear Holy Guru,

    How could I possibly appreciate the way you have explained cause of illnesses in this article? It is written in simple language that makes the readers like me could grasp the essence of the article so easily! I also feel so fortunate be the part of this wonderful group. Keep us inspiring…

    Thank you

    • Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con xin phép dịch comment của bạn đọc Sonam Tshering sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      “Kính bạch Thầy tâm linh tôn quý!

      Con không biết dùng lời nào để tán thán công hạnh của Thầy đã luận giảng rõ ràng về bệnh duyên trong bài viết này. Thầy viết rất rõ ràng, đơn giản, dễ hiểu giúp những độc giả như con dễ dàng nắm được nội dung chính của bài.

      Con cảm thấy thật may mắn khi được kết nối và được đọc bài viết của Thầy trên trang nhà.

      Con tán thán công hạnh của Thầy luôn truyền cảm hứng cho chúng con.

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy!”

  11. C H Lakshminarayan says:
    Respected Guruji I bow my head at the lotus feet of Guruji.

    I am Tantra Nirvadeva.

    No one is able to escape the illness. It’s similar to eloberation of Buddha’s first noble truth out of 4- Noble Truths ! That is suffering or Dukkha is present from Womb to tomb in human life.

    Three causes of body illness are:



    3.Self Indulgence

    Because of anxiety, anger is born.From there  suffering follows.These are the imanent causes of physical illness!

    ” Stress” , “Depression” Excessive Nervous tension “etc. are all derived f mental disorders ( change in the behaviour of mind) in which  ego Sensual  desires are the strongest reasons !

    Mental illnesses are more dangerous than the body illnesses !

    With the development of modern technology and due to the easy availability of pornographic photos and videos openly on the market is one of the sources of mental illnesses especially among youths !

    Illnesses weaken our body but for those who understands the Dharma, this is an opportunity of self-introspection, contemplating the importance of life in order to diligently practice Dharma !

    A note worthy point is Lama Chagdud Tulku has clearly said that the experience of hell  is not Far ! It is at the Hospital where the victims suffer all kinds of suffering which is due to the Karma operating under the law of Cause and Effect  which being dependent origen of illnesses !

    Disease is an opportunity, a catalyst,  for the “Spiritual” chemical reactions to occur in a positive way in the present and in the Future !

    Please remember always  Buddha’s Golden Words :

    1.No  illnesses, it is the most beneficial.

    2.Being aware of enough, it is the richest.

    3.Anger is the most harmful.

    4.Nirvana is the happiest. !

    Those who are sick, they could see it as a good chance to think about Dharma !

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    Long live our beloved Guruji for upholding Dharma.

    Dr C H Lakshminarayan.


  12. Avinash Kumar Srivastava says:
    Revered Guru Jee

    Om mani padme hum

    Good Morning

    This is a very enlighting article. I am greatful to Mat Dieu Hang for being kind enough to send me regularly thes article of yours for my uplift and sublimation physically and mentally. Since every thing of the world is causally connected so is the fact with our ailment and cure. Our past and present deeds cause suffering and cure  in this human existence as no one can escape this. Buddha has catagorically said,  ” Neither in the sky nor in the middle of the ocean nor in the caves of the mountains one can escape from  ones evil deeds, disease and death”. At the same time He also talks of diseases and their cure at both level, physical and mental. that is why He is also called a Physician Teacher( Bhaisajya Guru).

    When we cast our glance on the human nature as a whole we find that man is a unitary being. He posses two radically differently attributes of rationality and animality, as he is made up of Rupa Dhatu and Arupa Dhatu, physical and non physical elements. The physical ailment by physical disorder as is said by our revered Guru in this article through their causal connectivity. I am not going to repeat that. but it is again a fact that mind also effects the human physical condition and vice versa, because both are related  to each other and condition each other. In healty body reside a healthy mind, at the same time mind too affects the physical conditions positivelly and negatively.  thus man is a psychosomatic being. His animal behavviour exibits purposiveness which elementry rationality. The development of brain has given man the capacities of speech, memory, thought and inhibition. Thus he becomes a rational and social animal. He affects the environment and the society as well as gets affected of the other.  With the rise of modern machanical civilisation a lot of complexities errupted in the life and the society that caused perversion every wherT. they are exhibited through the sexual behaviour,thought, observing and producing sex flims, sucicidal tendency, stress, strain and so on as our holy Guru has indicated in this article. These are making the fate of human society dark, dismal and disparasing. There is an acute need of the treatment of consciousness and its purification .

    But for the vision of doom and gloom  and their appropiate solution Buddhists need not to go to modern Psychiatrists.They have simply to come to the Tantra House or give a repeated reading of their own texts and tradition, that provides a conceptual formulation of all the empending perverteting situations. TBuddhist Tantra Yogs provides the cure of these psychologically ill people. For that they do the purification of consciousness which helps to detach one from one’s physical appetietes and egocentric propencities at the same time the mindfulness recuperates the mental disorder.This is the only way to help the humanity to escape from these disorders. I am thankful to the Guru, from the core of my heart, for this eluminating article.

    Om Mani Padme hum

    Trverently Yours

    Tantra Sutra Daka

    • Nguyên Thành says:
      Your comment is good. Practicing Tantra Yoga or Yoga of Mind purification, therefore, provides practitioners with family happiness, life of ease and social success. In addition, Pure Mind Yoga supplies practitioners with “happiness in this life” and “ultimate bliss in next life”.
  13. Avinash Kumar srivastava says:
    So kind to you Guru  Jee.

    Om mani padme hum


    Kindly help me concentrate my mind. I am not in position to to be calm .Thoughtfulness is disturing me and causing forgetfulness.

    Kindly  help me

    Reverently yours

    Tantra Sutra Daka


  14. Lan Trần says:
    Dear Guru,

    I have read this article already. Thanks to your teachings, I understand that illness is unavoidable. As long as people reborn in saha world, they will be suffered by different ways. In comparison, mental illness is more serious than physical one. The effect of mental illness will lead people to enforcement of negative karma or bad action. Hence individuals will end up in lower realms.

    For those who have knowledge of dharma, illness happens as a good opportunity to purify bad karmas. Also, it reminds us of how rare this human body is. So we should protect it from getting more illnesses in future, as Guru said:

    Thanks to illnesses, people are aware of the importance of health, do not dare to be on the loose with bad behaviors. This principal has long become one of the “Ten mindfulnesses” of the buddhist learners, buddhist practitioners.

    I would like to express my gratitude to your profound teaching.

    May you and your consort live long for the mission of flourishing dharma practice.

    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  15. Bishnu Prasad Das says:

    Respected Guru Ji,

          This is true and every life has sufferings…. we can not escape from it. The picture shows from the great Mahabharat war between Kouravs and Pandavas…on the war field the chariot controller ( Driver) is God Sri Krishna…teaching to Arjun….. about life and relationship and to fight against Adharma ( opposite of Dharma) to give peace for the common people.

                Lord Buddha says if you take re birth then you must suffer again and again….life cycle is very painful during illness, getting hurt from others, poverty, old age…all these are the part of sufferings….money can not solve the problems only if we follow the right Dharma to avoid re birth then we may be escape from all sufferings.
               Unnatural death caused due to mental imbalance of a human…He or She may be any rank any position any age…when mind is imbalance due to non fulfill of his / her desire mind became imbalance and finally he or she do some unavoidable actions /thinks which  pulls towards to take a drastic straps do some unnatural work. The highest pick of the world is Everest…if you climb the Everest and stand on the pick of the mountain…you can not touch the sky….because sky is too high from the pick. secondly, you have to complete the cycle to reach the earth/ surface by climb down from the pick. Likewise our desire has some limit , if we cross the limit then we must face the consequence for which the responsibility is totally ours. We can not blame any one for the adverse result. Celebrities life style and pron video/movie watchers are just climbing the pick…one day they realize the fact and if possible can rectify themselves or the necked truth is Death is waiting to welcome them.
                     Lord Buddha has shewn the right path for Enlightenment…please follow the right path through right Guru to get peace for the rest of the life in anticipation not to take Re Birth. Its my personal views respected Guru Ji, I have no intention to hurt any one…excuse me if any mistake as I am new in this line.
    Om Mani Padme Hum.
    Bishnu Prasad das,

  16. neerajkumar Sumaran Gajbhiye says:
    Dear Respected Dhamma Guru,
    Thank you very much for this beautiful explanation. This is mean a lot for me because i am suffering a lot now a day experiencing the lot more physical & mental disturbances. After reading this article, i am now changing my way of thinking towards illness & suffering.
    I kept in mind now, “ No illness, it is the most beneficial, being aware of enough, it is the richest, Anger is the harmful, Nirvana is the happiness”
    May the Buddha Dhamma Sangha bless us all.
    Neerajkumar Sumaran
  17. Pamela Burridge says:
    Thank you for this teaching. I am now in the, I hope end of a cycle of illness. One leading to the other. The first time I was angry. This second time I am not angry, I have taken it a more positive nature that I will get well. I have also thought much of the dharma and appreciated the Buddhas teachings to help me through.
  18. Tantra Amishuta says:
    Dear holy Guru,

    I’m no stranger to illness as you know. But illness of the heart is the worst kind. The spirit needs to be healthy and well to move forward in all other aspects of life and death. I am not healthy physically but in my heart I grow stronger each day. Thank you for this article May you be well for the sake of all and may we find enlightenment through our journeys. Om mani padme hum

  19. Navin Kumar says:
    Dear Holy  Guru,

    I am delighted to read your article”dependent origination of illness” you analysed clearly the causes of illness.which mostly from the mind of anxiety,anger and self indulgence.

    I am thankful for your precious teaching.

  20. Roshan Gawai says:
    Nice text o. Illness many more things I learned over there main thing is that mind illnes.
  21. Jeffrey King says:
    Dear Holy Guru peace be with you! This article has really opened my eyes! I can tell you that sickness of the mind is definitely worse than physical sickness. These wise words that you spoke has helped me to realize that I need to continue to work towards Dharma! Thank you Guru! Many blessings to you!
    • Kính bạch Thầy! 

      Con xin phép được dịch comment của bạn đọc Jeffrey King sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      Kính bạch Thầy tâm linh tôn quý! 

      Con xin thỉnh an Thầy. 

      Bài viết này của Thầy giúp con được mở rộng tầm mắt. Con hiểu rằng tâm bệnh của chúng con nặng hơn rất nhiều so với thân bệnh. Những lời dạy trí tuệ của Thầy giúp con nhận ra rằng còn cần tiếp tục tinh tấn hành pháp,  đọc bài và comment. 

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy! 

      Con cầu nguyện Thầy thân tâm an tịnh. 

  22. Chris says:
    Dear Guru –

    I am fighting an illness now and will be having surgery to remove a potentially cancerous tumor. I will indeed take time to reflect on the Darhma. Thank you for this.

  23. Aman Prakash says:

    Dear guru

    Thank you for this article. All the phenomenon in this world have cause and effect rule. I think when people use to hurt someone then he has suffering not because of other(the one who is hurted)but due to own actions. In India upper caste use to disturb the lower caste and then they(upper) going to temples to get blessings from god.this is totally unsatisfactory. They (upper caste)also neglected Budha as Budha accepted all being equal. Budha take many people’s of lower caste in sanhga.

    We should have to take  distance away from anxiety,anger and self indulgment.it causes suffering and suffering. I am so fortunate to have guru like you.budha was one of great scientist ever.

    Thank you for being with us.

    May all sensient being attain true nature

    Om Mani padme hum

  24. Tantra Sagovana says:
    Dear Guru,

    Thank you for sharing this article about illness/being sick.

    We must try to be healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.

    Practicing the Dharma is the best way to remove illness (defilements) from our mind.

    May all sentient beings be free from suffering and become enlightened.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    Tantra Sagovana (Ahmed Khan)

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