Nov 14, 2015

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DIVINE PRIDE (NIỀM KIÊU HÃNH LINH THÁNH) DIVINE PRIDE In the tantric scriptures, there is a special phrase with strange semantics which makes listeners surprised, called “divine pride” Guru Rinpoche Normally, the word “pride” has the negative meaning, implying one who is proud of himself, looks arrogant and takes great pride in the eye of other people. Thus, being proud is not worthy of being divine but mundane at any level of expression. So there are worldly phrases of “inherent pride”, “hierarchy pride”, “family pride”, “traditional pride” or “indiscriminate pride”. Then what does “divine pride” mean? Is this combination of words in contrast to semantic regulation and to meaning rules? The sacred syllable – HIRH It is no wonder that there is such strange phrase in Tantra. Before I give the clear explanation, I think I should analyze the original meaning of the word “pride”. Normally, those who get successful in society have a habit of boasting

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