Nov 25, 2018

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DOUBLE-TOUNGE SPEECH IS SHARPER THAN SWORD (Nói lời hai lưỡi nhọn hơn cả mũi giáo)

DOUBLE-TOUNGE SPEECH IS SHARPER THAN SWORD Dear disciples! I’ve read an extract from the article of Le Sy Minh Tung recently and found the word “anh huong” (influence) being repeated four times (check out this link: I want to take this occasion to explain to you what is “influence” (or “being influenced”). In his doctrine, the Buddha has never been influenced or bounded by the factors of Nationality, Times and Ethnicity because its liberation knowledge is based on the Ultimate Understanding of the Four Noble Truths (the truth of suffering, the truth of the origin of suffering, the truth of the path that frees us from suffering, and the truth of the end of suffering). Any knowledge that goes against these truths is considered as wrong path and non-Buddhist. Therefore, Le Sy Minh Tung’s viewpoint is still subjective because“a half loaf of bread is half loaf of bread, but a

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