Sep 3, 2018

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ENDING THE PRAYER WITH MANI MANTRA (Om mani padme hum) (Kết thúc lời cầu nguyện bằng thần chú Mani)

Dear Holy Guru, My greetings to you and everyone here in chanhtuduy. The article reminds me of the season that recently happened here in my country, heavy rains for almost 3 weeks. My sister had a vacation last month and we were in the country side with the whole family. It has been so heavy that you can see in the news many flooding areas here in the Philippines. Luckily, in our place was just rain that is not that much devastating. Only that, my sister cannot roam.ariund to spent some moments visiting lost areas and friends that she happened not to get along for some times. Most of my neighbors are complaining and fraud that the rain might get worst that it.wilk destroy their crops. But I told them, it’s a nature’s way of touching the Earth. Humans has no control of it. So instead of worrying, I suggest

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