Jan 25, 2013

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Eng.1: Something about my Dharma’s day (Một ngày thực hành pháp)

I often sit on the chair at the valley of  Song Nguyen’s Tantra House in the morning or the evening. I like this place very much because it’s so quiet. That’s why I left HCM city to return to Phước Thành small village. Here I can see swimming fishes, hear songs of different birds, and write my first book “Sunyata”. I was born in a big city, where’s too many noises, so  I like a quiet life in a village. But I still have another life: study and pratise Dhamar. Every day I practise a meditation of Tibet. What is it? For example, I read Sutras about Budhism, I recite the mantra in whispers, I recite the mantra with the breath (in and out), I recite the mantra in the footsteps. Of course, I don’t forget to look at the photograph of Avalokiteshvara – my fantastic Yidam-. After going out from LOTUS meditation’s room ,

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