Nov 2, 2017

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WHAT IS THE ESSENCE OF MEDITATION THROUGH PRAYER? (Thực chất của thiền định thông qua cầu nguyện là gì?)

Dear holy guru Thank you very much for your article and the translation. I would like to take the time to answer. I think it is in the hands of ourselves how active we are to go the right path. Reading your articles gives me lots of food for thought and I can expand my knowledge and follow you with dedication. I learned that there are two types of people in Buddhism. First of all, those who grew up with Buddhism grew up with them, and the second group are those like myself who studied themselves and found out that Buddhism is the only true religion. That Buddhism speaks the truth and we can learn a lot to free ourselves from suffering. I am infinitely grateful for that. Lotus Flower Estrade in Song Nguyen Tantra House Millions of people in this world are interested in a version of meditation or

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