Jul 8, 2019

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FIKA (Hân thưởng kiểu Thụy Điển)

FIKA (Hân thưởng kiểu Thụy Điển) The summer has finally arrived. Summer not only means sunny days, beautiful beaches, trips to new places but also marks the completed milestone of my first year for the master course. We had a quite “relaxing” final class of the year in which the professor allowed us to “travel” through different buildings on campus to look for the questions related to the course and answered them. Lately while we were comfortably having a “fika”, our professor checked the team that had the most right answers and summarized what we had learnt throughout the semester. He also congratulated us on completing our first year and the knowledge is now ready to be brought into reality. As one of the ten happiest countries in the world, the Swedes are experts in work and life balance “Fika” is a term that is familiar to anyone living in Sweden. It is hard to find

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