Nov 10, 2017

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THE FOUR NOBLEST THINGS IN THIS WORLD (4 điều cao quý nhất) Dear respected Dhamma Guru, Thank you for your another meaningful lesion, after reading this article, I want to share some with your permission. “Old is Gold” The teachings of the Buddha were proclaimed over 2560 years ago, they are ancient but it is a miracle for the people to have experience as new, fresh & joyful. Lotus Flower Estrade in Song Nguyen Tantra House The teaching of the Buddha does not require its followers to have dogmatic belief in anything that the Buddha taught, The Buddha advised people, not to blindly accept what he taught, but research on them for themselves before accepting, for this reason his teachings have remain unaltered and valid for all time under all circumstances. There is no requirement to convert to any religious belief system. The Buddha never taught a sectarian religion. The Buddha taught Dhamma. The way of liberation which is universal. It is now

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