Nov 2, 2017

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Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh: WISDOM TOOLS (Phương tiện trí huệ)

Dear Holy Guru, Lotus Flower Estrade at night Thank you very much for sharing such interesting articles. I have no words to express gratitude, because with your articles we expand our knowledge and continue with dedication. Buddhism gives us the necessary tools to free ourselves from suffering. So tremendous task assigned to the search for the truth … and in that search, we learn how to free ourselves from it … That’s why our gratitude is infinite. Through the Devotion and the recitation of the prayer, to Guru Rinpoche, … The Seven Lines prayer … Hum !!! … On the Northwest border of the country of Oddiyana … Born on a Lotus pistils … you are endowed with the sidhhis supreme more wonderful … You are known as PADMASAMBHAVA, the Lotus-born … You are surrounded by an infinite sect of dakas and dakinis … Following your steps I will practice

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