Dec 7, 2012

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How I practice Buddhism?

How I practice Buddhism? I know “Hanabia” will laugh when reading my words but I still write. Because I’m happy. Why am I happy? because I practice Buddhism. How I practice Buddhism? Oh, very easy. I was lucky in my Guru’s house. Every morning, I wait Guru get up. And then I get up in the when Guru throwing food for the fish. Then, the Guru and I drink coffee, and watch the fish swim. Then, Guru and I practice meditation at Lien Hoa Dai. After that, Guru used laptops, and I’m sitting next to my Guru. In the afternoon, Sometime Guru drive the car went to Ba Ria. We have lunch, go to coffee shop. And then, we are comeback and take a nap. After that, Guru get up. Guru used laptops continuous, and I’m sitting next to my Guru. In the evening, Sometime, Guru drive the car went to Ba Ria: have

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