Nov 12, 2015

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HOW TO STOP FEELING BURDENED BY A COMPLEX (Hãy quẳng đi gánh nặng tâm lý mặc cảm)

Reason of the topic: On the occasion of an event that related to the harmfulness of complex attitude while cultivating one’s mind, I would like to contribute my idea to develop the Prajna wisdom which can be interpreted as “is freed from delusive hindrance, rid of the fears bred by it”. I would like to thank hoptrung and Mat Tam Bi who gave me a reason to have this writing.. “DETERMINED” NOT TO TAKE REFUGE Recently, Mat X who is from Hanoi has paid a trip to Song Nguyen Tantra House in order to officially take refuge in the Buddha, in the dharma and in the sangha, as well as to receive the Tantric Dharma and baptism. By this occasion, I heard stories of a married couple who frequently invite the Buddhist monks to their home to recite prayers in order to wish for peace for their alive and dead

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