Apr 4, 2020

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In the mindfulness day & night ( Đêm ngày trong chánh niệm)

First of all I bow my head on the lotus feet of the Hon’ble Guru and giving thanks for providing thoughtful articles continuously. With Guru’s permission, i leave my comment here.

Everything is based on the reasons, said by the Buddha. It is also said that if we as the being whatever we generate or send out the action in to universe by mind, speech and body will receive its consequences or its effect in one or another form and that we will never be escape the effect of our action in time. Just like I never brush my teeth then i have many cavities on my teeth’s or I made rude comment on another, he hit me or I flipped the light switch on- light comes like that. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction (here intention plays important role as per the Guru taught us earlier) It is considered to be fundamental to all natural science.

Self help practice includes taking refuse in the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha and the observation of moral code of conducts Five Precepts, meditation and cultivation of Ten Paramita’s with the help of Eight Fold Path. Keeping to the precepts may not help to purify the mind but we can at least feel grateful that you are not a victim of your own defiled mind. If we follow them, we have a better chance to keeping our mind at ease. These precepts are undertaken to protect us, as well as others, from the result of unskilful actions & to help to make our practice as fruitful as possible.

Our mental suffering arises from ignorance, due to ignorance our mind misunderstand the true reality of the nature. Mindfulness is a part of the eight fold path that leads to the realization of the four noble truths & the end of mental suffering thru wise speech, wise action & wise livelihood. The best way for the Buddhist peoples is to dwell in the mindfulness day & night and for that we need to concentrate & realize to avoid importing the garbage of consciousness, avoid negative thoughts from the crude reality because that is origin of the suffering. We have to turn direct attention in to the good deeds, good karma, and good subject for mindfulness.

All knowledge has its origin in seeing. Seeing means knowing, knowing is impossible without seeing. when we practice mindful breathing & walking, we bring our mind home to our body and feel so lucky. Mindfulness is a source of happiness. Buddha nature is the essence inherent in all living beings this experience is impossible to define in words. That’s why Our Guru described about the importance of Samyak Ditthi & Samyak Samadhi in many articles.

We have always tried to make nature our own. We have forgotten that nature has made us. Again & again we keep making mistakes and nature cautions us but we don’t believe. One microscopic virus shown man his strength and now man is scared. We should learn from this. All temples, all churches are closed due to this small virus that we cannot even see with open eyes. We should stop playing with the nature & must bring the law of nature in our lives. Many concepts such as impermanence, selflessness taught by the all time supreme scientist of the earth (the Buddha) are true phenomenon of the nature which is beyond the imagination & this hard work done by our Guru with ease to teach the human beings.

We continue to blind the misconcepts of our forefathers, which becomes a religion for generations to come. Many thanks to the nature who gave us the Buddha, bhikkhu’s & the Guru for the welfare of human beings who teach us the true law of nature.

Here i confessed, i am so unlucky because i am not able to participate in Guru’s consorts but i learn many things from Guru & His articles. I am sorry because my comment is very long but i am enjoying to comment & to stay connected with the Hon’ble Guru.

May Buddha Dhamma Sangha bless us all & bless all beings in our province, town, village, country & world live with peace & harmony

“Om Mani Padme Hum”

Tantra Nikakuwa

  1. Saliu Abdulmumin says:
    Dear holy guru

    Thank you for this article, really “mindfulness is the source of happiness”.

    Because what we eat through the mouth is not what defile the body, but what comes out of the mouth .

    As a driver control a car , that’s how I will be controlling my thinking.

    I have learn now to be positive all the time.

    My name is Tantra sumaka.

    I pray for quick end to Corona viruse.

    May Guru live long and have good health for the sake of beings.

    May beings be free from suffering and have enlightenment


  2. Donald kekeke says:
    Thanks Guru for making us to always recognize and understanding the teachings of nature. And also the letting us to know the natural healing ways of the covid-19 pandemic by nature. Thanks Guru for always been there for us during the difficult times


  3. tantra mahavita says:
    Dear Holy Guru: Thank you very much for sharing this article …. The secret of all happiness is Full Attention … We learned to be positive all the time. And thus control our thoughts … Thank you very much Guru for joining us in this Way. May the Guru live a long life and be happy for the benefit of all beings. May the pandemic end soon. May all beings find their Buddha Nature.

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