Mar 9, 2017

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Letter to Disciples No.01: Irrigating vegetables (Tưới rau)

Letter to Disciples No.01:  Irrigating vegetables (Tưới rau) Letter to Disciples No.01:  Irrigating vegetables Phuoc Thanh December 01 2012 Dear Disciples! I feel so glad when seeing the website The website’s appearance is so effulgent and solemn as the mountain called “Copper-Coloured Mountain of Glory”. The English articles by Mat Kinh has also increased the diversification of the website. I was told that there were so many joyful events, which were taking place. In Saigon, the hardship and burden of Mat Linh and Mat Nga was eased due to the help of Mat Phap.  There is only me in Song Nguyen Tantra House being engrossed in taking care of cabbage and gourd, which you contrived. However, when thinking of disciples in Saigon being diligent in practicing Dharma, having new place to practice, especially Huynh Kim Anh came and requested for Dharma with sincerity, Mat Khai and Mat Lan set up a new mediation room, came and practiced

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