Aug 30, 2017

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JENNIFER’ S THINKINGS ABOUT BUDDHISM (Jennifer cảm niệm về Đạo Phật)

JENNIFER’ S THINKINGS ABOUT BUDDHISM (Jennifer cảm niệm về Đạo Phật) Dear holy Guru, My name is Jennifer, I am living in the United States of America. I’m the wife to Steve and I have three adult children. Two girls and one boy. We have suffered much in earlier life but things are slowly getting better. I long to make relationships with other Buddhists. I wish to learn Buddhism for a better life for me and others. I have spent a very hard life before. Now it became the experience in my life. I have learned much. There were many who showed love and care to me and my children. They took care of us and they showed me the world can be a wonderful, loving, peaceful, and giving place. I wanted to do the same. The loving Buddha shows me how to forgive and accept that everyone is not the same. What I consider to be right thought is not

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