Aug 22, 2013

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KARMA (Duyên nghiệp)

KARMA (Duyên nghiệp) It is said that the human being that included body and mind. The body consist of flesh , blood and included 4 element  ( earth , water, wind, fire ) while mind is a collection of eight consciousness, a conjunction of body and mind , is creation of sound to communicate with other . The body was develop in the processing: create from the mother’s womb, develop greatly at birth, cease to death and become the corpse. The mind which is the accumulation of actions performed in the previous existence. The consciousness of this specific life that begin in the womb comes from a previous lifetime based on the action performed them . Therefore, the present life is the result from the previous action, bad or good life is still depend of karma action, the virtue or non- virtue from the past life . It look like grow a tree,

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