Jan 4, 2016

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Lesson 10: TO OFFER A MOTHER THE FLESH OF HER OWN CHILD (Cho người mẹ thịt của chính đứa con bà)

Contemplation on “Fourteen Grievous Failures of a Buddhist Practitioner” Lesson 10: TO OFFER A MOTHER THE FLESH OF HER OWN CHILD In the 7th failure, Master Gampopa has pointed out the mistake in almsgiving and charitable activities which are rooted from wrong livelihood (with objects gained from theft, robbery and fraudulence). Now in the 8th failure, he has criticized ways of offering to the Three Jewels, which he considers as wrong action and wrong thought since the offerings are the flesh of beings who are killed. Spiritual ritual of non-Buddhist sect From the Buddha’s time in ancient India to Master Gampopa’s time in the snowy Tibetan region, some heathens sacrificed animals to seek blessings from their Supreme Being. In Kutadanta sutra, the Brahmanist has killed thousands of sheep, oxen and goats for devotion to the Brahma. The Old Testament describes Abrhaham who sacrificed a sheep to offer to The Divinity.

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