Mar 9, 2017

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Lesson 12: The superiority of Bodhicitta (Ưu việt Tâm bồ đề)

Right Buddhist teachings, wrong method of Dharma practice. Lesson 12: The superiority  of Bodhicitta Mat Qua in Bien Hoa town once called me and said that practicing an Aspiration Bodhicitta through 16 daily activities got less benefit than making charity, being filial to parents. Mrs. Nam, a relative of Mat Thuy in Long Dien, Ba ria – Vung tau stated that such Bodhicitta development got less benefit than offering of cutting drug leaves to the temple for charity every day, because it was more practical than wishing all beings become Buddhas. Many Buddhists coming to meet me for learning to practice developing Bodhicitta have the same thoughts. Obviously, when we make charity or offerings or work for temples, we can see the result in vision. When we develop a thought of Bodhicitta like “opening the door, I pray in my mind: “may all sentient beings open the door to the

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