Mar 30, 2017

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Lesson 16: NEVER MISTAKE COPPER FOR GOLD! (Đừng nhầm lẫn đồng là vàng!)

Contemplation on “Fourteen Grievous Failures of a Buddhist Practitioner” Lesson 16: NEVER MISTAKE COPPER FOR GOLD! Copper and gold are precious metals but compare to gold, copper looks like a poor guy feeling unselfconfident when standing next to a billionaire. Their values are as different as night and day. Nevertheless, they are sometimes barely distinguishable if the poor guy is correctly dressed while the rich one wears slovenly. Likewise, the yellow color of copper and gold is not easy to be distinguished until being put in the fire. So does the supreme nature of liberation upon being analyzed and realized. It’s not by chance Master Gampopa has warned that:” To think an experience resulting from a technique is supreme is to be like a man who mistakes copper for gold; and this is a grievous failure.” So what are the skillful means (upaya) in this context? Without knowing thoroughly the real meaning, practitioners may be lost

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