Aug 18, 2017

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Lesson 16: DO NOT FEEL INFERIOR (Đừng mặc cảm bản thân)

Lesson 16: DO NOT FEEL INFERIOR (Đừng mặc cảm bản thân) Right Dharma teaching, wrong method of practicing Lesson 16: DO NOT FEEL INFERIOR As mentioned on lesson 15: “right dharma teaching, wrong method of practice”, Yidam visualization (chenerzig) is the essence of esoteric Buddhism. If outward visualization, the practitioner should arise and maintain the boundless devotion while inward visualization, it is essential for a practitioner to give rise to the divine pride (read the article “Divine pride” on I have remembered a case of Mat Ban who is living in Tien Giang but he comes from Dong Thap. He is much younger than his age of 50. He has a younger appearance because he can visualize that he himself is Yidam. He enabled to get such a success before he comes to Song Nguyen Tantra House. I am delighted that he mastered the efficiency of “increasing benefit” by his younger appearance. However, many learners in Song Nguyen Tantra House

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