Sep 24, 2015

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Lesson 2: The Bitter Taste of the Drug (Toa thuốc đắng)

Contemplation on “Fourteen Grievous Failures of a Buddhist Practitioner” Lesson 2: The Bitter Taste of the Drug From Lesson 1, we’ve already known “14 grievous failures” that clarify which is right view, right mindfulness, right action, right livelihood, right speech and right thought. It could be said these failures are an important compass with detailed instruction map that keeps the boat of Noble Eightfold Path of the Practitioner from being out of track. Lotus Flower Estrade in Song Nguyen Tantra House The master has used a rhetorical mode by “listing” the mistakes in numerical order and then “continuously repeating” the phrase:” And this is a grievous failure”. These help the reader be conscious of assertive consequences of those failures. Such kind of expression can be found in texts, writings and poems scripted by Indian and Tibetan masters, of whom the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, Padmashambhava, is especially respected as an

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