Sep 24, 2015

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Lesson 4: DO NOT RETURN TO THE LIFE OF A HOUSEHOLDER (Đừng trở lại với đời sống gia đình)

Contemplation on “Fourteen Grievous Failures of a Buddhist Practitioner” Lesson 4: DO NOT RETURN TO THE LIFE OF A HOUSEHOLDER In the Buddha’s time, some bhikkhus sought alms from their family and usually received a warm greeting party. This is a chance for them to meet and have family talk but also poses a risk of losing the Buddhist’s virtue. After such meetings, unenlightened bhikkhus easily fell attached with their family again which is seen as a huge obstacle on their journey to enlightenment. Consequently, many had returned to family life while others resorted to the help of presbyters or senior fellow Buddhists to return on the right track. That’s why the Buddha had warned the Bhikkhus to release by “cutting off” love and family attachment. On his way to set up the monastery, Tibetan Guru Gampopa had overseen such obstacle and awakened that:” If, after having entered the door

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