Jun 7, 2018

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Lesson 4: ENERGY’S POWER FROM PURE SECRET ESSENCE (Thần lực từ nguyên tố tinh túy)

Lesson 4: ENERGY’S POWER FROM PURE SECRET ESSENCE The ascendant power will rise from the maximum activation of the gross or subtle elements. It includes the power of a high ranking person, the power of a person at high level of martial arts and the power of a person with outstanding physical strength, which all belong to the gross elements. There also exists imposingness, a kind of ascendant power refering to a virtuous person, which belongs to the subtle elements. These powers, or in other words, ordinary intellectual power, are limited because of their fast exhaustion. The Buddha took the image of the fish as an example: “Our life is shorten as each day passing by, just like the fish being pulled out of water. Hence, one should abandon the realm of Mara” (Dharmapada Sutra). The extraordinary intelligent power, meanwhile, can last longer but still depends on the ability to calm one’s

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