Jun 22, 2018

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Lesson 5: KEEPING MIND IN BALANCE TO APPROACH TRUE NATURE (Giữ tâm quân bình, thái độ hân thưởng)

 Lesson 5: KEEPING MIND IN BALANCE TO APPROACH TRUE NATURE Upon teaching the disciples, the Buddha took an example on a wood log that floated on the spring. He insisted that unless it settled on either side of the riverbank, it would flow straightly to the sea. The Buddha took example on a floating wood log on the spring   Another anecdote goes that a bhikkhu was making all efforts to concentrate his mind but he finally could not. The Buddha knew that this bhikkhu used to be a skillful Sitar player before he lived a monastic life, he took the image of this instrument to teach him. The Buddha asked:” Does the gentle sound come from the over-tightened strings?” “No”, replied disciple “Does the gentle sound come from over-slackened strings?” “Absolutely not” “Then could you meditate in this way? Neither too tight nor too slack”. The bhikkhu followed the

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