Jul 15, 2018

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Lesson 6: CONNECTION WITH PURE ENERGY (Kết nối với năng lượng thanh tịnh)

Lesson 6: CONNECTION WITH PURE ENERGY A follower who lives in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, came to Song Nguyen Tantra House complaining:” My holy Guru! I’ve got no progress in Dharma practice in spite of great effort. I have also been impacted by external conditions recently!” Another follower from Malaysia commented:” Revered Guru, your teachings help me clearly understand… (see below) [email protected] Submitted on 2013/07/14 at 16:59 Namo Buddha Your teachings help me clearly understand the impermanence of the life. Money, fame… then will be gone. But my mind is still in delusion and attached to them.  I will try to be more diligent. My sincere thanks to you. http://chanhtuduy.com/bai-1-nguyen-to-va-nang-luong-tam-linh/#comment-1376 Another one from District 7, Ho Chi Minh City said:” Would you allow me to do penance because I have been slacking off so much lately. I had less and less contact with Song Nguyen Tantra House due to

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