Oct 26, 2015

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Lesson 6: LEANING A SHARP AXE AGAINST A TREE TRUNK (Rìu bén bên cạnh gốc cây)

Contemplation on “Fourteen Grievous Failures of a Buddhist Practitioner” Lesson 6: LEANING A SHARP AXE AGAINST A TREE TRUNK In martial arts, quite a few trainees show beautiful movements but fail to make precise strikes at decisive moments. This has raised a question on the real purpose of martial art training on whether it is for self-defense and rival knockdown or just an impressive performance. Everyone can answer this question. Same as for Dharma practicing. It is not for showing off sounding chanting, murmurous reciting, wooden bell striking as well as catching attention from others with drab brown or indigo-blue robes as if going to pagodas recently. In fact, it is for the sole purpose – transforming the mind in accordance with the natural orbit of Dharma. Learning this situation, Master Gampopa has pointed out the fourth failure: “To have a spiritual practice that is not used to remedy four kinds

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