Nov 4, 2015

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Lesson 7: Mantra with its phonetic symbol (Thần chú và góc cạnh ngữ âm)

Lesson 7: Mantra with its phonetic symbol (Thần chú và góc cạnh ngữ âm) Right Buddhist teachings, wrong method of Dharma practice Lesson 7: Mantra with its phonetic symbol Some of the Dharma brothers and sisters coming to Song Nguyen Tantra House said that they all have chanted Mani Mantra in Sino -Vietnamese with the sound of “Án ma ni bát di hồng” on the basis of its existence in Pañcamantra. There are some practitiones who would prefer to put their faith in long mantra rather than in short mantra (like preferring  great compassionate mantra to Mani Mantra in which all mantras are declared by Avalokitesvara). There are some practitioners who find an universal mantra like Mani mantra more preferable than a less heard mantra as Cundī Dhāraṇī mantra in the nation of Vietnam. Then there is suggested that it is better to chant in sanskrit than chant in Sino -Vietnamese at present, and finally, they think that long mantra has a better result than short one. All mentioned viewpoints I have already

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