Nov 18, 2015

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Lesson 8: A PARROT SAYING A PRAYER (Con vẹt chỉ biết đọc tụng)

  Contemplation on “Fourteen Grievous Failures of a Buddhist Practitioner” Lesson 8: A PARROT SAYING A PRAYER     One day I dropped by the house of an acquaintance in Ho Chi Minh City, there raised a voice:” Hi. Get well?” A little surprised, I wondered if that warm greeting came from the person I’d ever known. Just before I could respond, T.Giac said:” My son is raising a parrot and training him to welcome the guests. That’s his voice.” Oh, it’s turn out to be a parrot! It’s a surprise that he pronounced in such a formal tone that it’s hard to tell whose voice is. Only one distinctive point is that birds cannot make distinguishement of ages to make proper savoir-virve. Hence, they are merely able to exchange curtly compliment without any personal pronouns. This is totally different from the formal welcome as men say:” Hello (Mister/Sir). Have

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