Jul 20, 2017

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Letter from Australia: A FEW THOUGHTS ABOUT THE MANTRA (Cảm niệm về thần chú)

Letter from Australia: A FEW THOUGHTS ABOUT THE MANTRA (Cảm niệm về thần chú) Dear Holy Guru these are my humble thoughts in relation to your teaching ‘One Life, One Mantra”, I thank you for the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding through your words. As a beginner to the reciting of Mantras I am learning a great skill that has been taught to Buddhists throughout the years. It is both humbling and rewarding to spend time focussing on a thing of such beauty and power such as reciting the six syllables, and realise that these holy words have reduced the suffering and its causes of so many sentient beings. The examples used to highlight the power of mantras spoken in the ‘right’ way are about three very different people, with different backgrounds, different experiences and very different knowledge bases. But all produce wonderful results, beautiful peace to many people around them and peace and great happiness to themselves. The first example is about

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