Apr 24, 2017

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Letter from Bhutan: THE WORDS OF MY PERFECT GURU (Lời vàng Thầy tôi)

Letter from Bhutan: THE WORDS OF MY PERFECT GURU (Lời vàng Thầy tôi) The conquer of peace and Buddhahood, The supreme holder of all the oceans of thousand Buddhas, The king of dharma of the world, The holder of Nyingma lineage of Song Nguyen Tantra House, The compassionate Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh, I pray at your feet, So by the blessing of your holiness, May all sentient beings and i attain fully enlightened Buddhahood. The holy guru, the compassionate one with your unlimited tenderness always like a crystal running water, swiftly pours out the words of wisdom. Your preachings are so immense with vast meaning and wisdom. For your unlimited wisdom I am greatly encouraged and pray at your feet. From the distance, i really feel the tranquility to read and learn your preachings. It seems like the Buddha Sakyamuni turning the wheel of dharma, giving the virtuous sermon for the innocent beings. A dry leaf is easily being blown away by the

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