Jun 10, 2017

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Letter from Canada: The spiritual lotus (Hoa sen tâm thức)

Letter from Canada: The spiritual lotus (Hoa sen tâm thức) Dear Holy Guru, Flower’s beautify the life. When seeing a flower blooming in any corners, I feel that place more beautiful. Or on the way home, looking at flower’s with different colour, my day seems more peaceful and joyful. Looking into it makes myself refreshing. Therefore, it is very easy to see flower’s around us such as in restaurant’s, shops, supermarkets, roads… Especially, on the special occasion like a wedding, a new year, greetings, the outstanding arrangement is bursting with flower’s. And there is no doubt that people find flower’s beautiful. Song Nguyen Tantra House at night There is another kind of flower leading people close together. It is a flower rooted in our mind. It is a flower of gratitude, respect, understanding, sharing, kindness and love. This flower bloomed from the love of parents for children, from friendship, from helping together in life. How beautiful it is when we

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