Mar 31, 2018

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Letter to disciples No.136: A YOUNG MAN AT THE AGE OF…91 (Người trẻ ở tuổi… 91?!)

Letter to disciples No.136: A YOUNG MAN AT THE AGE OF…91 Lead-in: The old man Truong Van Tam has taken refuge in the Three Jewels under the dharma name Mat Quy Tay. His son, Truong Thanh Long – Mat Huan, and Mat Tu have written their feelings about this special refuge ceremony. MAT HUAN wrote: Simple meditation room at Mat Huan’s house April 30th, the day of liberating the South of Vietnam and unifying the country, when the whole country hold the celebration, is also the most important day of my life. Whenever thinking about that day, I am moved by the feeling this day last year (30/04/2014) I got the refuge ceremony from our Guru who “liberated” me from ignorance I came to Dharma with the teachings of a true Guru of compassion and wisdom. And today, 15/08/2015 was also an unforgettable day for me, because today my Guru

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