Apr 8, 2017

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Letter to Disciples No.198: Coincidences (I’m sitting here… – Thầy ngồi đây…)

Letter to Disciples No.198: Coincidences Dear Disciples, Having a cup of coffee with Mat Hai on the new wooden salon It is my routine to have a cup of coffee in the morning, and today I was sitting with Mat Hai. However, part of it has changed by the appearance of a wooden salon in the middle of my living room, which was delivered yesterday afternoon. Still in this space, I’ve witnessed every thing around me to be littered in chaos and now it is reservedly considered to be a favorable position by its cool, comfortable and eye-catching features. From here, you can widen your eyesight to Trung Dai, Lac Canh Dai & Thanh Phong Cac, especially Dau Chan Phat (The Buddha’s footprint) lake where is now flying Song Nguyen Tantra House’s flag. The atmosphere makes my coffee taste better! I happened to think of a saying that: “Cleanliness is

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