Aug 13, 2018

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Letter to disciples No. 212: SONG NGUYEN TANTRA HOUSE’S REGULATIONS (Thanh quy Mật gia Song Nguyễn)

Letter to disciples No. 212: SONG NGUYEN TANTRA HOUSE’S REGULATIONS Lead-in: As schools or companies have their rules and regulations, societies have laws for people to follow and obey, Song Nguyen Tantra House has our own Regulations in order to help readers on, preparatory learners (readers who are bestowedthe Dharma name), and Song Nguyen Tantra House’s disciples (learners who have taken refuge ceremony in the Three Jewels) to have self-control, benefits for themselves and others, and achieve their wishes. I would like to introduce our Regulations as follows: (those who do not have the permission to access this letter can read about the Regulations at the part Public Articles) SONG NGUYEN TANTRA HOUSE’S REGULATIONS   I. GENERAL REGUALTIONS AIMS The Regulations of practicing Pure Mind Yoga are designed to elevate self-consciousness in actions of body, speech and mind in Song Nguyen Tantra House (MGSN). OBJECTS These Regulations apply to

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