Dec 21, 2017

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Letter to disciples No.241: SURPRISES ON LONG ROAD (PART 3) (Bất ngờ đường xa – bài 3)

Letter to disciples No.241: SURPRISES ON LONG ROAD (PART 3) Dear disciples, In front of the Bana Hills hotel room In previous letters, I praised the beauty of Bana Hills, but now it likes a worn-out brocade, losing its exquisiteness. Bana Hills exposed many imperfections. Against its outside splendor is the mediocre room with a toilet that was so obsessively small that I could not turn around with the door being impossible to close. We were charged for VND1.4 million (around $60) per night (for room No.2120). Don’t know the rate of other rooms. I have traveled hundreds of miles, staying at over 70 hotels but none of which was as bad as in Bana Hills where you’ve got to pay for high prices in return for poor service. Honestly, the room where we stayed in Bana Hills is of far lower quality than that of a normal hotel in Phan Thiet

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