Jun 26, 2018

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Letter to Disciples No. 260: BODHI RELATIVES & SAMSARA RELATIVES (Quyến thuộc Bồ đề và Quyến thuộc luân hồi)

Letter to Disciples No. 260: BODHI RELATIVES & SAMSARA RELATIVES Dear disciples, The giant statue that has been finished in Cat Tien Commune, Phu Cat District, Binh Dinh Province intended to be our first destination. Unfortunately, we could not fulfil our expectation as a lacking of good grace. Then we made our chance to visit a nearby beach called Trung Luong. I was amazed by the most majestic beauty of the beach that I first experienced. Trung Luong Beach Looking up from the sandy shore which looks like a huge piece of cake, we can see a hill of sand which is 6 meters’ height. If the forest of aspen did not stand there to hold its root tightly, tons of land would collapse and bury everything on the beach. This beach is so clean and neat, especially there are swings that held by large ropes that used as a

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