Sep 4, 2018

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Letter to Disciples No.42: RIGHT PRACTICE AND RIGHT LIVELIHOOD (Chánh tu và chánh mạng)

Letter to Disciples No.42: Right Practice and Right Livelihood Dear disciples! The Buddha advised not to make livelihood by 13 jobs A bhikkhu or bhikkhuni who lives  a monastic life should practice Dharma for liberation only, for this is the reason they’ve left home to become a monk. In the Assembly of Three Collections of Pure Precepts (Maharatnakuta Sutra Part 1, translated by Ven. Thich Tri Tinh), the Buddha taught that even Bodhisattva bhikkhus were not permitted to take “five studies (vidyas)” as an excuse for worldly life engagement by doing following occupations: (1) pharmaceutics, (2) trade, (3) works that are related to feminine or masculine beauty. Buddhism pays respect to the livelihood of others (who are not Buddhist). Nonetheless, the Buddha advised the Buddhists, particularly lay people, not to do the following 13 occupations: (1) match-maker, (2) emissary, (3) soldier, (4) slaughterer, (5) arms trader, (6) toxic chemical producer,

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