May 27, 2017

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Letter from Canada: A few thoughts about the way to Pure Mind

Letter from Canada: A few thoughts about the way to Pure Mind Dear Holy Guru, One of the principal views of Buddhism is that of “dependent origination”. The fact that there is causality (cause and affect) in all of phenomena leads the Buddhist to come to a full understanding of its feelings of pain and pleasure and other such experiences that control their lives. Buddhist’s turn to the doctrine of karma, which provides an explanation as to how this experience effects the mind, the body and the speech. Tantra Citta Tantric literature, as well as the Sutra’s, are wonderful for discussing the subtleties of the mind and consciousness. By using specific meditative yogic practices, one can effect the various states of consciousness. The ultimate nature of mind is essentially pure. “Clear light” is the technical name for this pristine nature, according to Tantra. from Canada When the mind is conditioned by afflictive emotions such as desire, jealousy or hatred, the sentient being

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