Oct 30, 2018

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Letter from Hanoi: the rain drops of Māndārava flowers were falling and flying. (Mưa vẫn mưa bay)

Letter from Hanoi: the rain drops of Māndārava flowers were falling and flying. (Mưa vẫn mưa bay)

In the middle of an intense, comfortable and spiritual atmosphere on the seminar of 20th October 2018 when the Guru has given awards for disciples and learners to acknowledge their contributions to the development of Song Nguyen Tantra House, I suddenly heard a voice:

– Look! Māndārava (heveanly) flowers are raining down

In the hot sun, the rain drops of Māndārava (heveanly) flowers were suddenly falling and flying while the sun is still shining. Although there was rainfall, the sky was still clear and blue. A breeze blowing the raindrops of Māndārava flowers in the hot sun manifested the glow of the very bright lights in Māndārava flowers, touching slightly on the branches, leaves and flowers as if they joyfully congratulated the spiritual seminar taking place in this resort. Mentioning the Māndārava flowers falling down during the dharma events, in the introductory part (first) chapter of the Lotus Sutra, an event that heralds the preaching of the sutra is depicted as follows: “At that time the Bhagavat was respectfully surrounded by the fourfold assembly (i.e., monks, nuns, laymen, laywomen), paid homage, honored, and praised. He then taught the bodhisattvas the Mahayana sutra called Immeasurable Meanings (Mahānirdeśa), the instruction for the bodhisattvas and the treasured lore of the buddhas. After having taught this sutra, the Buddha sat cross-legged, entered the samādhi called the “abode of immeasurable meanings” (ananta nirdeśa-pratiṣṭhāna) and remained unmoving in both body and mind. Māndārava and great māndārava flowers, mañjūṣaka and great mañjūṣaka flowers then fell like rain from the sky, scattering upon the Buddha and all of his attendants; and the whole Buddha world quaked in six ways.”


With the six marvelous practices invented by the Guru, he has given us the simple and effective methods to practice, and an internship daily for the achievement on the path to liberation. We get the goals of inner happiness, success in life and social achievement for temporary happiness this life and ever-lasting bliss next life. The Guru brings all sentient beings happiness, bliss and peace by guiding them to practice dharma in the spirit of “worldly enjoyment goes hand in hand with Dharma happiness”. He always praises and admires the virtues and noble actions of the Buddha and saints. Therefore, in every dharma event, every dharma seminar in Song Nguyen Tantra House and the places for Guru, preaching the Prajna (wisdom) like café (called Prajna café), disciples and learners in Song Nguyen Tantra house witness the rainfall of Māndārava flowers while the sun is still shining. I have seen the rainfall of Māndārava flowers many times with my eyes, but this time the rain of Māndārava flowers is much longer and better far more beautiful.

The second time when the rain of Māndārava flowers were falling down was the time when the Guru makes a vow that he shared the merit he accumulated by spreading the Dharma in Europe to all the disciples and learners, who have been contributing to the upholding the Dharma. The Guru always gives the best things to all beings and only keeps the troubles and difficulties for himself on the path to uphold the Dharma. Such raindrops of Māndārava flowers naturally joined with the holy moment when the eyes of disciples and learners welled up with tears, which the universe is moved by the noble actions of the Guru who devotes his life on the bodhisattva path for the benefit of all sentient beings and sails the boat of Prajna to the enlightened shore.

The seminar on October 20, 2018 was a great success and was closed with the kind words made by the Guru to disciples and learners. The Guru sendt his gratitude and acknowledged the donor, the manager board in the resort for their contribution to the success of the seminar. Moreover, we, his disciples and learners, were excited to the session of mandala meditation on the beach next morning invented by the Guru and we were guided specifically this method to meditate in advance by the Guru.

Before dawn, we slowly stepped from the villa to the sea in the cool air. The sea breeze welcomed us. In front of us was a sandy beach stretching along the coastline. In the sand, there were, still, remaining some dewdrops which made us feel like being in a world full of nature. We took the first steps on the sandy beach in the early morning along Mani Mantra under the guidance of the Guru. The cool grains of sand seemed to lift our footsteps up, in harmony with the fresh air in the early morning; especially the scared and quintessential sound of the mantra while practicing “Lotus walking Darani” that gave me the feeling of comfortableness, relaxing and peacefulness.

When sitting down in the soft sand, we made up the Mandala Circle to meditate on the sea, we experienced the new and interesting method of  mandala meditation on the beach. It was simple and unique. Unlike the complexity and hardness happening in the long rituals of the Vajrayana tradition while practicing the Mandala I have seen on video files. On the beach in Long Hai Channel 4 start resort, the Guru sat at the center of the Mandala Circle and guided us to practice meditation, purifying the actions of body, speech and mind by reciting Mani mantra in order to make offerings towards the Buddhas and saints. Seeing the Guru’s majestic and dignified appearance while sitting meditation, I remembered the words in the book Fifty Verses of Guru Devotion” by Indian Master Ashvagosha, it goes:

“8. (A Guru should be) stable (in his actions), cultivated (in his speech), wise, patient and honest. He should neither conceal his shortcomings, nor pretend to possess qualities he lacks. He should be an expert in the meanings (of tantra) and in its ritual procedures (of medicine and turning back obstacles). Also he should have loving compassion and a complete knowledge of the scriptures.

9. He should have full experience in both ten fields, skill in the drawing of mandalas, full knowledge of how to explain the tantras, supreme faith and his senses fully under control.”

15 minutes of meditating on the beach made time so fast moved that we were not aware of. The Guru told us to stand up and stretch our legs but we, his disciples and learners, still wanted to sit longer for more moments of meditation. It was a rare experience for us to enjoy such wonderful moments of mandala meditation that it will take long time again until the next. When we stood up, we looked at the photos, taken by his consort and other dharma friends, while the Guru and we, were practicing meditation.

Looking at the light through the mandala meditation in the photo, I recalled that in the Lotus Sutra, it was written that  the Buddha emitted a ray of light from the tuft of white hair between his eyebrows, one of his characteristic features, lighting up eighteen thousand worlds in the eastern direction. There was no place that the light did not penetrate, reaching downward as far as the Avichihells and upward to the Akanishtha heavens. From this world one could see the living beings in the six paths of existence in all of those other lands. One could likewise see the buddhas present at that time in those other lands and could hear the sutra teachings that those buddhas were expounding. At the same time one could see the monks, nuns, laymen, and laywomen who were carrying out spiritual practices and attaining the way. One could also see the bodhisattvas mahasattva who, through various causes and conditions and various types of faith and understanding and in various forms and aspects, were carrying out the bodhisattva path.

When referring to the Mandala, The Mahāvairocana Tantra has the following passage: “The mandala is the pure mind of the great bodhisattvas. It is also a place of mindfulness of all yogis. Knowing this, they realized the full enlightenment … The meditating Mandala in the mind of practitioners cure the ignorance. It will immediately heal the confusion in the mind of sentient beings, and eliminate all suspicions. The mandala is no different from the consciousness, and the mind is no different from the mandala. Why? Because the mind and the mandala are one.” (Quoting from The Mahāvairocana Tantra, Taisho 18:41)

In some other places where followers practice the tradition of the Vajrayana, they should make the big offerings of money and things to take part in such mandala meditation. Likewise, when practicing the methods of Vajrayana Buddhism, the practitioners should spend a lot of money. So, many people think that Vajrayana is for the rich. A friend of mine spent hundreds of millions Vietnam dong, even one billion Vietnam dong to invite the Guru from Tibet to Vietnam to teach him how to practice Vajrayana. He told me that that Vajra teacher performed confusing rituals, long and difficult to remember kinds of rituals. He also had the difficulties in language barriers. Therefore, after 6 months of learning, my friend lost his interest to go on the Vajrayana vehicle.

In contrast, in Song Nguyen Tantra House, the Guru simplified the practice, made the methods suitable with the time and nationality. With the six marvelous practices invented by the Guru, he has given us the simple and effective methods to practice and routines daily to purify the mind, accumulating quickly two kinds of spiritual provender including wisdom and merit. Therefore, we get the goals of inner happiness, success in life and social achievement for temporary happiness this life and ever-lasting bliss next life.

The sun has risen from the sea, shining the sunlight everywhere, highlighting the cool blue sea and making the surroundings perfectly beautiful to our eyes. In not a far distance, I see the boats sailing on the vast ocean. In my mind, it seems like visualizing the image of the Guru’s Prajna boat setting sail “to enter the dharma ocean and come to the permanent place of Pure Land”. Guru helps all beings have the blissful spring of the Dharma. I prayed that the Guru’s Dharma career to spreading the Buddhist teachings in Europe soon be successful, so that one day, the European dharma friends also have a good opportunity to practice Pure Mind yoga and enjoy the experience of mandala meditation on the beach as we do today.

My thoughts stopped when the Guru called us to go back to the resort’s restaurant for breakfast. I took a deep breath of fresh air on the beach and joined with the dharma friends to follow the steps of the Guru back to the resort and not to forget to pray that all living beings obtain the happiness of Buddha nature.

Om Mani Padme Hum

Mat Dieu Hang

  1. Tantra Amishuta says:
    Dear Holy Guru,

    Thank you for sharing this article how wonderful it all seems. May you be well for the sake of all and may we continue our path to liberation Om Mani Padme Hum

  2. tantra mahavita says:
    Thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful experience. The Guru gave simple and effective methods to purify the mind by quickly accumulating two provocative spirituals … wisdom and method. The Guru helps all beings to obtain the blessed spring of the Dharma. The career of the Guru Dharma can spread throughout the world. May the Guru have a happy and long life for the benefit of all sentient beings. May all beings find the Buddha nature.OM MANI PADME HUM
  3. Tantra Maruta says:
    Dear Holy Guru,

    Thank you for sharing a great story about the wonderful events. It so amazing that nature coincides with the activity that you have been. i wish one day to experience in person the teachings that you shared.

    Thank you for touching distant readers like me through your articles.

    I am Tantra Maruta from the Philippines

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  4. tantraupatissa says:
    Dear Guru thanks for sharing this article.

    Even many thanks to Mat Dieu Hang for writing this article beautifully and explaining the meditation practice taught by Guru in Mandala.

    It’s very interesting to see Mandarva flowers raining down especially on days when Guru conducts Dharma events. Nature and Buddha’s always shower blessings on Guru’s Dharma events, it’s a good thing to notice.

    Hope European disciples of Guru may learn teachings of Guru and spread them across the world and they move on path of liberation.

    Thanks to Guru for teaching us simple and effective methods of meditation, which are easy to practise in our day to day life.

    May Guru and his consort live long and protected and get enlightened.

    May all beings and Guru’s disciples be free from suffering and get enlightened.

    Om Mani Padme Hum..

    • Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Upatissa sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy cho con đọc bài viết này.

      Cảm ơn đạo hữu Mật Diệu Hằng đã viết bài và trích dẫn kinh điển minh chứng sự lợi lạc của việc hành thiền mạn đà la mà Thầy đã chỉ dạy.

      Con rất hoan hỷ khi biết mưa hoa rơi xuống trong những ngày Thầy tổ chức pháp sự, pháp hội. Mưa hoa là dấu hiệu cát tường minh chứng trời hoan hỷ với công hạnh của Thầy và đức Phật ban ơn phước cho các pháp hội, pháp sự mà Thầy tổ chức.

      Con cầu nguyện các đạo hữu ở Châu Âu được học từ Thầy và những lời dạy của Thầy được lan tỏa khắp thế giới để hữu tình được bước đi trên hành trình giác ngộ.

      Nhờ những lời chỉ dạy của Thầy, những phương pháp dễ thực hành, hiệu quả vô song của Thầy mà chúng con được thực hành và diễn tập dễ dàng trong đời sống hàng ngày.

      Con cầu nguyện Thầy Cô thân tâm an tịnh, trụ thế lâu dài.

      Cầu nguyện chúng con và tất cả chúng sanh đoạn trừ phiền não và đạt được giác ngộ.

      Om Mani Padme Hum.

  5. Dr C H Lakshminarayan says:
    Respected Guruji, I bow my head at your lotus feet.

    I am delighted to read this article and felt happy to know about the seminar and beach side ‘ Mandala meditation! by the disciples under your guidance .

    Certainly, it was a fruitful  and New venture! highly commendable !

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    Dr C H Lakshminarayan.

    (Nirvadeva )

  6. Ahmed Khan says:

    Dear Guru,

    Thank you for sharing this article. I am very happy to read about Guru and disciples’ visit to the beach.

    May all sentient beings be free from suffering and become enlightened.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    Tantra Sagovana (Ahmed Khan)

  7. Dear vajra brother Mat Dieu Hang

    I take delighted to read your article with the topic of “Letter from Hanoi: The rain drops of Mandarava flowers were falling and flying”. Your article reminds me of the question: “

    Is it possible for a person to smell “Precept scent”, “Concentration scent”… by nose?” (Letter to Disciples No.76: That Early Spring Feeling). It’s hard for an ordinary person to feel the scent of Dharma, likewise the rain falling in the sunlight is just a meteorological phenomenon for an ordinary person. But as you quoted from the Lotus sutra, these drain drops are like “Mandarava and great Mandarava flowers, manjusaka and great manjusaka flowers falling from the sky scattering upon the Buddha and all of his attendants, and the whole Buddha world quaked in six ways”. In the eyes of Tantric practitioners, this rain manifests the merit and Bodhicitta of the Guru, reflecting the joyfulness of the devas upon witnessing the Guru leading the sentient beings on the path of liberation. It’s not by chance Master Avagosha said “The Buddha and the Guru is of no difference”. These celestial flowers congratulated the compassion of the Guru as he stated to share half of his merit to his disciples though lots of unknown obstacles still lie ahead in his upcoming Dharma trip. I vow to be more diligent on the path of cultivation as a gratefulness to his benevolence for the disciples and followers. Thank you for your sharing with excellent sutra quotes.

    May Guru and his consort live long for the sake of all sentient beings.

    May Mat Dieu Hang be healthy and fulfill all legitimate wishes

    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of the Budhda’s nature

    Om Ah Hum

  8. Dear brother Mat Dieu Hang,

    I deeply rejoice to read your article: “The rain drops of Mandarava flowers were falling and flying”. Through this article, you helped me know more about drops of Mandarava flowers via excellent quotes from sutra. These celestial flowers deeply rejoice with the Bodhicitta and wisdom of the Holy Guru. Thank you for sharing your thought.

    May our Guru and his consort live long for the sake of all sentient beings.

    May you have a good health, overcome difficulties in life and make progress on the path to enlightenment.

    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of the Buddha’s nature.

    Om Mani Padme Hum!

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