Apr 13, 2022

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Letter from India: CAUSALITY

Reverend Guru jee Om Mani Padme Hum I bow before your lotus Feet Time is threefold present. Past is the present memory, Present is the present experience and future is the present expectation. We, ignorant people, do not understand it. Separating time into three dimensions either we live in the tortures past or pleasant future but never in the present. That’s why the fragile thoughts and stale words spring out of our mouths forgetting the hard or soft existential realities of the present.  The Dhammapada, Yamak Vaggo, has also acknowledged this brute fact of the cause of suffering wherein it has been categorically saying, “He abused me, he scolded me, he humiliated me, he insulted me, is haunting the human mind. And so long it will continue one will never be at peace.” He will always be tormented by the past. This is not a soothing condition even for preparing

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