Apr 30, 2022

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Letter from India: THE BRIDGE OF DHARMA (Nhịp cầu Đạo pháp)

For last few months I am travelling continuously because of my Service Book completion for my after retirement benefits and getting start my pension, which is still pending. . In absence of which my financial works have slowed down.  my health check up, my wife’s treatment, family works and visiting my daughter’s place frequently for shorting out her personal problems. It is difficult to explain the rigour of my regular travel’s strain that is causing my mental agony and physical fatigue. But this is the life. In between these restrains and constrains the life moves. To establish harmony amid the odds and evens is the aims of Pure Mind Buddhism, as for it Sansaar and Nirvana (from Mundane troublesome life to super consciousness i e of enlightenment) go hand in hand. For that our holy Guru teaches, preaches the modus oparendi to achieve purity of mind, and often demonstrates us

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